Membership Application

Membership levels for Religious Liberty Coalition

RLC “Armor of God” membership.

Cost $1000 annual or $100 per month

This membership is to ensure that your church, ministry, nonprofit, etc. are covered by the RLC protection plan. We give you the benefit of being a member of the RLC network of churches, legal protection against attack on your religious liberty and freedom, and access to our educational resources and materials. We will also come out to your church and speak if possible (no charge for travel if within a 50 miles radius of Nashville) and work regularly with the appointed county patriot. This is a basic membership, but still gives you the needed and essential protection and value of being a full member of the RLC.

“Gideon's Army” membership

Cost $2000 annual or $200 per month

This membership includes all of the features of the “Armor of God” membership with some extras. Those who join at this level will also be featured with at least 2 articles a year in our newsletter which goes out monthly to 150,000 subscribers. Your ministry or church will also be listed as a “Patriot Plus” member on the website with a link to your ministry, website, and/or church. In addition, we will give you a free Aitken Bible which can be put on display in your church or home.

“King David” membership

Cost $3000 annual or $300 per month

This is our premium membership. In this membership level, you will get the benefits of the “Armor of God” and “Patriot Plus” with some additions. Your name, church, business, and/or ministry name will be in every newsletter as a featured member of the RLC. You can submit articles to be added to the newsletter at any time. We also help promote any special events that you may be held in the newsletter—podcasts/streaming services/website links/social media to our network of RLC members and subscribers. We will interview you several times a year on our podcast. We also feature your ministry at our gala fundraising dinner. Finally, you also have an option to have an ad on our website. It’s the premium members that really fuel the work that the RLC is doing, and we thank you for considering joining at this level.

Individual Membership

            Cost $120 annual or $10 per month

         Join as an individual or family RLC member here. This is a personal or family membership
          meaning you are not representing a church, ministry, or business.